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a preview

after seeing these adorable custom stamps on wit & whistle, i decided to incorporate them into our save the date postcards. 

since we're getting married at eastern market, i'm going for a farmer's market/grocery feel with the paper suite. 

and the stamped text on pretty kraft paper (from here for the save the dates) is just right.

i'm traveling to nyc this weekend to visit my sister. she's been through this already, and offered to help me out, so we're gonna knock these out together. a fun little project + time with my sister. 

i'm excited.*

like wit & whistle, i got my stamps here. you can see a pic below. i was impressed with the quality and the detail they're able to achieve. even with raleway. i also went ahead and got a stamp for our thank-you notes.  

stamps for the save the dates + thank you notes

i'll post a picture when the save the dates are complete. 

_ _ _

i also ordered this awesome, awesome swatch book from cranky pressman.  they have some pretty bad ass house stocks; you can probably guess that chipboard's my fave. i'm really hoping to to work with them for printing the invites.

_ _ _ 

looks like it's all coming together!

*plus i'm gonna suffocate if i don't get these out soon

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  1. this is adorable! I love the vintage stamp look.

    xo Victoria