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cool story bra

i'm coming to the end of my breastfeeding days. jake and i almost made it to a year, but for a lot of reasons (decreased supply mostly), i've started to wean. 

weaning is a whole different topic that i won't get into right now, but i wanted to share the nursing bras that i found worked the best for me. it should be noted that these are all wireless options. i know some nursing moms wear bras with an underwire, but i got scared out of doing that early (blocked ducts!) and had to go wire-free for the past year. 

it was a little difficult to find wireless options that offered support, but a few of these came close. here's my picks.

best overall: this was my daily bra throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, and i don't think the picture is doing it any favors. it's a great nursing bra. i bought multiple ones in beige and black. my sister actually dragged me to motherhood maternity when i was six months pregnant (much stubborn, very poor) because i was resisting buying new bras even though my old ones clearly didn't work anymore. this bra gives a good shape in t-shirts as well as nicer work tops. you can wear something low cut or a shirt with a higher neckline and be fine. it also comes in a wide variety of sizes (34B-40F!)so you'll find one that works for you.

most comfortable: when i was on maternity leave, this was my daily wear. it doesn't offer near as much support as the previous bra, but it's super comfortable, easy to open/close with one hand and it's pretty. it's also cheap and available at target so there's that too.

best t-shirt*: i discovered this one way too late in the game. besides being awesome for wearing under thinner cotton t-shirts, this bra is super soft, stretchy and comfortable. it doesn't provide as much support as my pick for best overall, so that's the only reason it didn't win out for me. it comes in lots of colors and did i mention how comfy it is? 

best cami: i wore camis a lot over the winter so i didn't have to do the whole "lift up my t-shirt" bit to breastfeed. i'd wear this and a sweater cardigan with yoga pants and this was by far my favorite cami. the buttons and heather gray color are cute and god i miss those days sometimes.

best sleeping bra: these offer like negative support but they were my favorite bras to sleep in. i didn't like the sports bra-looking ones as much when i had to wear nursing pads overnight because they wouldn't stay in place and i'd end up leaking/soaking through (#momlyfe AMIRIGHT?!)since the pads would shift around while i slept. 

_ _ _

my one negative review:

i read that people liked this bra a lot. i was a little skeptical but tried it anyways. i HATED it. it was cone boob central, super uncomfortable and offered little/no support. stay far, far away. 

_ _ _

*it's only showing up in a light beige color online, but i have it in black and it's available in a lot of stores.


  1. That is a lengthy and insightful guide. Most people are stuck with the misconception that one bra fits most occasions. I'm glad you gave us a variety of bras that are fit for various occasions. Thanks for sharing that with us, Andrea! All the best to you! :)

    Irving Morgan @ EmbraceBra™

  2. thanks, irving! i'm glad you enjoyed it!