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two days

the vernal equinox is in two days. old man winter decided to have one last laugh yesterday, but they say warmer temps are on the horizon. 

_ _ _

in terms of the weather, it was a strange weekend. temps in the 60s, upper 40s, 20s. the days that were warm, trust that we took full advantage and went on plenty of long walks in the sun. my new favorite thing to do after work.

i also had time to make my favorite no-knead bread recipe, which, if you haven't tried, you have to. it'll make you look like an expert baker (check out that golden brown crust!) and i promise you it's the easiest recipe you'll ever try.

love seeing these pop up 
credit for this awesome sketch goes to my coworker/friend, alina. what a talent!
someone got some free clothes
you've got to try this recipe
the view from our porch this morning. 

my work actually didn't have an official snow day but i decided to work from home anyways. i think they're sick of all the days off.

here's to spring. glorious, glorious spring.


  1. ... haha to "someone got some free clothes." Does your friend have an art business? I'm wondering how much she might charge to recreate something like that as a poster. Kinda reminds me of a place I used to live, and would like to live again.

  2. she doesn't! but i keep telling her that she needs to start up and etsy shop. i'll pass along your comments though. i mean, i could ask her how much she'd charge. i always tell her that people would love to get their hands on her sketches. : )