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hurry up

cold weather makes me want something good for breakfast
our rosebush. looking beautiful even dead and in the snow
my favorite little guy
lucy's pretty cool too.

when i'm sick, i get really annoying and tell my husband some form of "ugh. i don't feel good" way too often. 

the same thing happens every year about this time when i get really really sick of winter. i want to say that every two seconds but i force myself not to because we're all in the same boat. the time change on march 9 is the only thing keeping me going at this point. i'm so ready for spring. who isn't?

_ _ _

we had a pack and play set up in our living room while i was on maternity leave. it made diaper changes easier since i had all my supplies right there. and when he was really little, he used to nap in it. but i always hated it in our living room and we are replacing it with this. i can't wait. i've missed the lack of seating in that room when we have the occasional visitor.

_ _ _

hope you're having a great tuesday.

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  1. This is a fabulous picture of your little guy! He is so happy!