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took some teamwork with my husband to make these. worth it!
admiring these yellow flowers in dupont
on the way to room 11 for coffee
lucy enjoying couch time

the baby will be here any day now. i went from feeling like he was never gonna get here to "holy shit. am i really ten days from my due date?"

i'm not gonna lie. i'm totally ready for maternity leave to start. i've been doing a lot of planning and preparation at my job these past few months so i can fully relax while i'm out (hence the lack of posts around here lately).

but now it's almost here. this friday is my last in-office day and then i'm going to work from home until he comes. 

_ _ _

anyways, we had a nice weekend and i hope you did too. personally, i'm just glad i didn't need an umbrella again today.

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