sheer genius

i enjoy subtle sex appeal in clothes. 

a blouse with a high scoop neck in the front with a back cutout? i'll take that all day.

little peeks of skin, a perfectly tailored dress, and revealing some but not everything is always my preference when i'm looking to vamp it up a bit. 

so let's talk about sheer hemlines. 

besides that subtle sex appeal, they add interest to these pretty basic dress shapes. 

below are three examples i like. 

but all of these are laughably out of my price range, so i also included a skirt option for us normal people.

bebe skirt
(sold out by the time this was posted unfortunately)
rude. here is something slightly similar

other dresses: 1 | 2 | 3

i hope this special little detail makes its way to other retailers this spring. 

we'll see if it does.

but if not, neiman marcus' website has a pretty intense zoom and i can just stare at the details from my screen.

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