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unique new york

you like that sweater? different, right? i'm super into it. 

been feeling graphic patterns lately (in both home and body decor) and this hood-less sweatshirt fits my mood perfectly.

i found it via of a kind, a company and website dedicated to supporting up-and-coming artists and designers. that sweatshirt? made by jesse kamm

it's a cool idea since the artists get exposure and if you purchase something, you'll have a special piece that probably very few others will. read more about the company and how it got started here (i dig a good 'about' section) and find other work by the designers featured on their site here.

there's so much cool stuff, it's kinda crazy.


this non-functioning (but fashionable) watch bracelet caught my eye too. it's by denise julia reytan

i mean, idk about you, but if i want to know what time it is, i reach for my cell. adding this bracelet to your stack of bangles or rockin it as a solo piece is a fun way to hop on the timepiece train without making the full commitment to wearing a watch. 

(is it really a huge commitment to wear a watch? no. i just have never been a watch-wearing woman.)

have fun poking around of a kind

i know i will 

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